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Alessandra Silveira's activities in the University of Brasília (UnB), Brazil (August/September 2018)

As Visiting Professor at the University of Brasília (UnB), Brasília/Brazil, Alessandra Silveira developed the project "EU law and the social and economic changes in the contemporary world" researching and lecturing in the PhD Program in Law of UnB with the support of FAPDF - Fundação de Apoio à Pesquisa do Distrito Federal (August-September 2018). In this context, the Academic Coordinator of INTEROP project lectured a course entitled "European integration's legal and political fundamentals" to the PhD and Master students of UnB participants of the research group "Internet and Society" (30 hours of contact, from 13 August to 12 September, 2018).

In that opportunity, Alessandra Silveira lectured a Inaugural Class of the PPGD (PhD and Master Program in Law of UnB) dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the INTEROP project - "EU Digital Single Market as a political calling: interoperability as the way forward",  Brasília/Brazil, September, 4, 2018.

Alessandra Silveira also interved in a debate where she talked about "The right to de-indexation in the ECJ case law". The round table entitled "Right to be forgotten" was organized by PPGD (PhD and Master Program in Law of UnB) and had place in Brasília/Brazil, August, 29, 2018.

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