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Sérgio Maia Tavares Marques was awarded the Jacques Delors Prize

It is the sixth time that the Jacques Delors Prize distinguishes the teaching and research in European Union Law developed in UMinho. In previous editions Mariana Canotilho (2011), Sophie Perez Fernandes (2012 and 2017), José Cabrita Vieira e Cunha (2013) and Filipa Fernandes (2014). All the awarded works are available on the website of the Jacques Delors European Information Center.

Master SERGIO MAIA is a lawyer with international practice and is a member of the Editorial Team of UNIO - EU Law Journal. He is also Managing Editor of his official blog "Thinking & Debating Europe".

For more information consult: http://www.eurocid.pt/pls/wsd/wsdwcot0.detalhe?p_cot_id=10444&p_est_id=19698

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