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INTEROP's Members participate in the Meeting with Science

On July 4 INTEROP members participated in the Meeting with Science and Technology in Portugal 2018, organized by FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology), at the Lisbon Congress Center (http://www.encontrociencia.pt/home).

CEDU's members joined the panel on "Equitable and Sustainable Justice" included in the discussion of ODS.16 - Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions, presenting the following communications:

Alessandra Silveira - Technological sustainability and fundamental interoperability - fundamental rights in the digital age

Joana Rita Abreu - ICT in the service of justice in the new Millennium: from the paradigm of European electronic justice to judicial integration in civil matters in the European Union

Sophie Perez Fernandes - The implementation of the Paris Agreement in the European Union in the service of an environmental reconfiguration of the legal process in progresso

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