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Alessandra Silveira receives Tribute of recognition for the contribution to the Brazilian juridical research during the VII International Meeting of CONPEDI

During the VII International Meeting of CONPEDI [National (Brazilian) Research Council and Post-Graduation in Law], held for the first time in Portugal at UMinho in September 2017, Alessandra Silveira was honored with the Homage of recognition for her contribution to legal research Brazilian In addition to the (then) Director of CEDU, local coordinator of that event, the Brazilian organization understood to honor the Portuguese constitutionalists José Joaquim Gomes Canotilho and Jorge Miranda.

CONPEDI is an entity that integrates 120 Master's and Doctoral Programs in Law in Brazil, with approximately 5,000 associate researchers, and represents the Law area with CAPES (Coordination of Improvement of Higher Level Personnel), the Brazilian research and higher education - which is why the aforementioned CONPEDI International Meeting counted on the High Sponsorship of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic.

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