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INTEROP researchers participate in the 1st Annual Conference of the Permanent Forum for Digital Competencies of INCoDe.2030

Alessandra Silveira, Joana Abreu and Sophie Perez were invited to participate in the 1st Conference of the Permanent Forum on Digital Competencies, under the National Digital Competencies Initiative e.2030 (Portugal INCoDe.2030), which took place on December 6th in Convento de São Francisco,  Coimbra.
In this event were shared experiences and new ideas aiming to promote the digital competences of the Portuguese in the sense of an active citizenship, in regard to inclusion, education, qualification and employability, specialization and research.
For more information: http://incode2030.gov.pt/destaque/projetos-bandeira-incode2030 
Program: http://www.incode2030.gov.pt/forum/conferencia2017 

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