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Tiago Sérgio Cabral

Summarised curricular information:
- Master's Student in European Union Law - UMinho Law School.
- Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) - UMinho Law School (2017).

Areas of scientific interest (within the scope of European Union law):
- EU Constitutional Law;
- Legal and political grounds of European integration;
- EU Data Protection Law;
- Internal Market, EU Competition Law, and Regulation;
- EU IP Law;
- Fundamental Rights in the EU.
Additional curricular information (within the scope of European Union law):
- Winner, along with Rita de Sousa Costa, of the Professor Paulo de Pitta e Cunha Award (2017), established by the European Institute of the University of Lisbon School of Law;
- Winner, along with Rita de Sousa Costa, of the VdAcademia International Award (2016), established by VdA - Vieira de Almeida & Associados, Law Firm.

Publications (within the scope of European Union law):
- Cabral, T.S., 2017. The 15th anniversary of the Portuguese drug policy: Its history, its success and its future. Drug Science, Policy and Law 3, doi:10.1177/2050324516683640
- In UNIO EU Law Journal ? The Official Blog: Thinking and Debating Europe, along with Rita de Sousa Costa: 1. "Protecting our personal data in the 21st century: why the new EU legal framework matters"; 2. "Brexit and the European Football Market: The Consequences for the Premier League and the British Players"; 3. "Lost in the Nacional Parliament?s Hallways: The Directive 2005/36/EC and the difficult path until its proper application in Portugal".

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