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Larissa Araújo Coelho

Summarised curricular information:
- Phd Candidate in Public Law, University of Minho
- Master in Human Rights, University of Minho
- Researcher in Sistema de Información en Institucionalidad en Derechos Humanos del MERCOSUR
- Researcher in Human Rights - Interdisciplinary Research Center
- Member of the Observatório Lusófono dos Direitos Humanos
- Member of the Instituto Brasileiro de Direitos Humanos
Areas of scientific interest (within the scope of European Union law):
- Interconstitutionality
- Legal and political grounds in integration processes
- Fundamental rights
- European immigration policy
Additional curricular information (within the scope of European Union law):
- Collaborator of the local team of the VII International Meeting of CONPEDI "Interconstitutionality: democracy and citizenship of rights in world society - update and perspectives", 7 - 8 September 2017, Braga/Portugal.
- Coordinator of the Researchers' Meeting in Legal Sciences of the University of Minho: the state of the art of the research in law, September 5, 2017, Braga/Portugal.
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