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Ana Filipa Afonseca

Summarised curricular information:
Graduated in Law from Universidade Católica Portuguesa;
MSc in Law of the European Union by Universidade do Minho;
Legal Consultant in the area of Administrative Law and Public Service, in functions in the Independent Union of Teachers and Educators;
Advanced Training in Intellectual Rights in the Creative Industries, by Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Areas of scientific interest (within the scope of European Union law):
- Competition Law;
- State aid;
- Intellectual property;
- Economic freedoms.
Additional curricular information (within the scope of European Union law):
Master's thesis on State Aid: Ceci n'est pas une aide d'Etat: state aid and crisis times;
Winner of the Euroinfoliteracia prize "Best Essay" with the title "Unie, uniune, zwiazek, Union, alliance, união, verbindum, únie, sajunga, savieniba, unió, sindikat, liit, liito, unione, unjoni" Promoted by the Documentation Center of the European Union and the Commission of the European Union, 2015.

Publications (within the scope of European Union law):
"The new directive on the protection of trade secrets: contribution to a coordinated system of the internal market", in the e-book UNIO - CEDU 2016 workshops, available at: http://www.unio.cedu.direito.uminho.pt/Default. Aspx? Tabid = 1 & pageid = 40 & lang = en-US

"Google Vs.EUAntitrust Proceedings", on the abuse of market dominance, on the official blog of UNIO - EU Law Review, available at https://officialblogofunio.com/2016/05/18/google-vs-eu-antitrust-proceedings / # More-1009

"Between the competition law and the competition culture: The case of Ireland/Apple" available at: https://officialblogofunio.com/2016/09/20/between-the-competition-law-and-a-competition-culture-the-Case-of-appleireland /

"Sanctions to the anti-trust behavior: the re-thinking" available at: https://officialblogofunio.com/2016/07/28/sanctions-to-the-anti-trust-behaviour-the-rethinking/#more-1259

Chronicle in the scope of the Euroinfoliteracia Prize: a trip to Brussels published 2015, available at: http://www.biblioteca.porto.ucp.pt/en/central-noticias/premio-euroinfoliteracia-chronicles-brussels

"The problem of the undiscovered inventor: intellectual property and inter-constitutionality", to be published within the framework of the VII international meeting of CONPEDI.


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