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Filipe Guerra, CEDU's collaborating member, had the highest mark in the CEJ's general culture test

Filipe Guerra, CEDU's collaborating member, applied to CEJ's (Centre of Judiciary Studies) examination, he obtained the highest mark in the general culture test, the topic under discussion and analysis was "Europe, politics and democracy". The evaluation consisted of an analysis of part of Jürgen Habermas' book "On Europe's Constitution", Lisbon, Edições 70, 2012, page 89. From this excerpt the candidates had to formulate a synthesis of the European integration process as described by Habermas and the realization of a critical appreciation based in the studied bibliography (where the candidate tried to associate the idea of preservation of european "cultural biotope" and the construction of "global governance capacities" with the needed answer to the risks of a globalized society - Urich Beck?s "risk society" and the need to preserve and develop the European social model argued by Anthony Giddens in the book "Europe in a Global Era", Lisbon, Presença, 2007).

The candidate obtained the final mark of 18,25.

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