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CEDU organized an international conference entitled "Citizenship and Solidarity in the European Union - from the Charter of Fundamental Rights to the Crisis, the state of the art" which took place in Minho University Law School, in Braga, from 10th to 12th May 2012.

Having in mind the economic and financial crisis and its consequences to fundamental rights in the European Union, the Conference's pannels were the following:

1) Democracy/Citizenship
2) Development/Competitiveness
3) Political identity/Multilevel constitutionalism
4) Equality/Solidarity
5) Culture/Diversity

The conference was born out of a question: where is the EU project going? What happens to the promises of respect for the inviolable and inalienable rights of the human person, freedom, democracy and equality proclaimed in the Preamble of the Treaty on the EU under the current scenario of the deepest economic and social crisis? How does the EU intend to show its attachment to fundamental social rights, in this time of an increasing precarious labour market, blurring of boundaries between employment and self-employment and demands of labour market deregulation? How can we enhance further the democratic and efficient functioning of the EU institutions, when there is a growing distance between citizens and political elites? How is it possible to achieve the strengthening and the convergence of EU economies and to promote economic and social progress, when all we hear from the European politicians are proposals of austerity programs that do not seem to be working?

The panels and panel-members of the conference included many well-known and respected scholars, from Southern and Northern Europe, as well as Brazil, in what turned out to be a vivid and fruitful debate about the EU integration process, the attacks to the European social model and the economic and social crisis. Contributions were published by Peter Lang publisher in 2013 and the debates are transcribed below.

Debates for consultation:
Panel I.pdf
Panel II.pdf
Panel III.pdf
Panel IV.pdf
Panel V.pdf

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