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European Union Law - EU elements of law and policies 

CEDU published a collective work entitled "Direito da União Europeia - Elementos de Direito e Políticas da União" (European Union Law - EU elements of law and policies), Almedina, Coimbra, in press (expected date of publication: January, 2016). This publication is edited by Alessandra Silveira, Mariana Canotilho and Pedro Froufe and has the contribution of 24 Authors on the various aspects of the EU law and policies. This work gathers the contributions of EU law scholars with very different experiences and diverse critical notes in regard to the European project and the concrete policies shaping the EU and adopted by the latter. This, genuinely, reflects the state of the art in terms of legal production with EU law fields. The chapters are organized as follows: 1. Citizenship and fundamental rights, 2. Public Administration, 3. Public Service, 4. Boarders, visas, asylum and imigration, 5. Legal cooperation in civil matters, 6. Judicial and police cooperation in criminal matters, 7. Internal market and competition, 8. Contracts, 9. Consumers law, 10. Taxation, 11. Intelectual property, 12. Companies, 13. Transportation, 14. Publica Finances, 15. Equal opportunities, 16. Health, 17. Environment, 18. Energy, 19. External policies.

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